YantroMitra Learning Technologies Private Limited, an EdTech company with specialization in STEAM Education, Robotics and Professional Training. Students here proceed themselves in experiential learning, persist in problem solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. We possess the leaders, innovators, educators and learners of 21st century.

The man behind this munificent intension is, our very Director, Mr. Purushottam M. Kulkarni, who began his entrepreneurship in 2009 after his M.B.A from IBS, in this field of education, with the franchise Career Forum Pvt Ltd, Pune, for Hubli. He owns an experience of training 10,000+ students in various fields counting science and technologies, banks exams, Professional Training and other entrance exams. He configured the idea of YantroMitra and started with the goal of guiding the children to visualize their theoretical concepts and career guidelines

YantroMitra’s faculty members have an experience of training more than 8000+ students collectively, in various fields including STEAM education and Professional Training. Our Advisory Councel is a blend of Experienced and Creative personalities from various institutions.

Students here have the benefit of learning and exploring themselves into the T3 methodology i.e. (Theory, Techniques, Tasks). YantroMitra’s Programs are designed by industry experts to bring the best perposition to our clients. Our STEAM Education program starts with robotics and ventures in to various areas like Pottery, Hydroponics, Stargazing, Adventure Activities, MOBILE PLANETARIUM and Camping activities. Our Professional Training Programs are designed on the inputs by industry experts for best results.

YantroMitra has developed a very user friendly Learning Management System (LMS) for our clients who are willing to go online

Our Vision

We believe in harnessing technology for igniting the young minds, foster creativity and develop entrepreneurial spirit in youth to reach their, full potential in honor, wealth and happiness and be contributing global citizen to the humanity on lines of universal brotherhood.

Our Mission

We strive to be the Industry leader through Technology based Learning, Harnessing the ancient knowledge, creating a framework and content to bring out best talent, constantly improvising quality focusing on innovation and affordability.